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Nexus power consulting

Nexus Power Consulting is an independent energy management services and consultancy focused on renewable energy and procurement services.


Nexus is your trusted energy advisor. 


We act as an extension of each client to develop and implement custom strategies that maximize opportunities and mitigate risk associated with renewable and other energy contracts.  By leveraging our deep experience and resources, combined with unsurpassed commitment, Nexus delivers long term results that provide positive financial and operational improvements to our clients. 

Our services

Nexus Power Consulting provides industry-leading procurement services across all deregulated states giving you access to a network of over 50 suppliers. 


We develop superior energy procurement and risk management strategies by leveraging your relationship with Nexus and your power provider.


Our services include:

  • Existing electricity supply evaluation and analysis

  • Procurement services

  • Negotiation and execution of short-, medium-, and long-term renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) and classic and carbon energy supply contracts

  • Ongoing account management

We use a Five Step Data-Driven Procurement and Contract Negotiation Process



data collection


customer data Analysis


collaborative strategy development


risk management


Rate Improvement






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